BREAKING: ISIS Terror Attack Many Wounded – What He Had Inside His Vehicle Proves Trump Was Right

Canadian Police working a Canadian Football League game got a call when all hell broke loose as a suspected ISIS terrorist crashed into a barricade, stabbed a police officer, hit people with a U-Haul truck, and took police on a wild chase all in one night. You would’ve thought this was a scene from a crazy action-packed movie, but it was real life unfolding before people’s eyes. Normally wild tailgating, drunken antics, and typical chauvinistic buffoonery is what you see at a football game, but this was much, much more violent and hateful. Football fans are wild, but they wouldn’t do this.

The person who did this was trying to hurt people and it couldn’t be more obvious. What police found in his U-Haul truck is even more sickening and paints a very clear picture of what this person is all about. The suspect is in custody, but it took quite the chase to get the sole, criminally charged terrorist.

Via Daily Mail:

The chaos began outside a Canadian Football League game where the Edmonton Eskimos were hosting Winnipeg on Canadian Forces Appreciation Night on Saturday night at the Commonwealth Stadium. Police say a white Chevrolet Malibu rammed a traffic control barricade and sent an officer flying into the air 15 feet. Knecht [Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht] said the driver, believed to be 30 years old, then got out and attacked the officer with a knife before fleeing on foot.

So the terrorist drove his Chevy Malibu into the barricade, stabbed the police officer, then ran away on foot. Police helped the stabbing victim and searched the car of the culprit. Cops found a flag related to the Islamic State. The suspect was on his way to get into a U-Haul truck in which he then drove into people, aiming for them intentionally, and lead police on a chase. The U-Haul somehow tipped over on its side in a crash and the police arrested the suspect.

A few hours later, a U-Haul van was stopped at an impaired driving check stop north of downtown on Wayne Gretzky Drive.

Knecht said the name of the driver was close to the name of the registered owner of the car that hit the officer.

He said the U-Haul then sped off toward downtown with police in pursuit.
Police say the U-Haul intentionally swerved at pedestrians at crosswalks throughout the chase.

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