President Obama Was Nowhere To Be Found At Army-Navy Game, But Trump Was Literally Everywhere


Donald Trump has not even been sworn in as President yet, but he received a conquering general’s welcome at the storied Army Navy Game. Trump announced his intention to attend the game on Twitter Saturday. The president-elect was greeted by roaring crowds inside the Baltimore Raven’s stadium, which played host to the 117th meeting of the two storied programs. SPONSORED VIDEO:Raw: Trump Cheered at Army-Navy Game TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images) Trump began the first half of the game standing in a bullet-proof glass encased box on the Navy side of the field….

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Ivanka Trump Was Just Offered A Major Role In The White House


any people love Melania Trump and were looking forward to her presence as the First Lady during Trump’s administration. However, things are changing and Melania will not be present during the first year of Trump’s presidency. Melania is staying behind in New York City with Barron so he can finish up his school year. However, according to many reports, including from the New York Times, Ivanka will be taking up the role during the first year. Ivanka Trump and her husband have been spotted house hunting in Washington DC and…

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